How to Produce a Strong Impact On the Stage, in Front of Large Groups of People

We reveal the secrets of the super-powerful four-module system to clarify your presentations, to have people remember you in order to reach your objective

”A single atom of fear will block a mountain of potential. PowerSpeaking is not a hobby, but the strongest weapon to fight for your life!”

Mircea Stanciu, Managing Director VisionPower,

the PowerSpeaking programme creator

PowerSpeaking will teach you that every sentence you say must have a clear purpose!

This course is delivered in a way to make you deeply aware of the techniques you use and their purpose, so at the end of the day, you will be able to develop your own critical analysis about any speaker you see or hear. Your friends will think you are an expert communicator!

Module 1: PowerSpeaking, Clarity and Magnetism (8 hours)

In Public Speaking we learn to manage fear. In Power Speaking the purpose is to have the fear disappear completely. An atom of fear blocks a mountain of potential. Is it worth taking the risk?

  • Learn four techniques to eliminate stress, in order to display your full power


  • At the end of your presentation, you don't need applause, but you need to reach a clear objective. We reveal the secrets of clear objectives for speeches or presentations


  • Don't worry about finding solutions to structure your ideas. You will learn proven methods to arrange your thoughts, just like thousands of people before you. Follow our recommendations and learn to be flexible in your approach


  • The lack of clarity can be dramatic for you, especially when in front of an audience. Discover 15 techniques to clarify a speech so you make sure that everybody in your audience understands you perfectly.


  • People are tired of presenters telling them things, they want to be involved in the speech. Any other variant will get them bored to death. We reveal the 8 super-efficient techniques to interact with the audience so you can captivate them, use the conversation to combat stress and to get early feedback


  • Discover the two extremely rare and efficient techniques to have people remember your messages even long after the speech is finished; master this technique and you'll be more memorable than 80% of the TED speakers; just review you favorite TEDs after the course and see for yourself!


  • Learn the most effective and relevant position and gestures for your speech

Module 2: PowerSpeaking, Secrets of Influencing  (4 hours)

The most in-demand ability in Busines is to be Influential and the most impactful method is to Influence from the STAGE!

  • You don't have to think too long about how to arrange your ideas, use instead successful templates, fill in the blanks and you're the best! You'll learn three very powerful influencing structures that are used in marketing and in corporate executive committees

  • Learn 15 strategies to create a speech or presentation that compels people to take action, so you can reach your objective, get that promotion, convince investors and get your team commitment

  • Learn one technique to have people deeply adhere to your message and proposals

  • Discover to most influential 10 words and the most efficient 10 words used in marketing 

  • Master 10 techniques to efficiently close a speech or a presentation and to have your message resonate with your audience and to reach your objectives


  • Learn two extremely powerful techniques to add impact to your message; you will become more charismatic than most speakers

  • Learn the two most efficient stress release techniques, making you extremely confident, not only when you speak, but whenever you need.


Module 3: PowerSpeaking, Captivate Instantly! 

(4 hours)

People get bombarded with thousands of messages every day, and all of these messages will compete with your message; even you have the people in the room, they can quickly move to the smart phones! Learn to captivate them!

  • Lean nine bullet-proof strategies to build a captivating speech start so people will stay motivated to hear what's next

  • Discover the ten most effective techniques to have people glued to their chairs for long periods of time, and your message will become fascinating!

  • Learn how to build captivating stories so that people remember your message for a long time, allowing you to differentiate as an opinion leader 

  • Master the three proven techniques to handle any difficult question coming from the audience, so you remove the stress and focus on what's important in your message

  • In this module, you will combine all the techniques learned in modules 1,2,3 to craft your incredibly captivating speech!

VIDEO: The most important speech preparation step!

VIDEO: How to eliminate the stress created by inner judgment

Module 4: PowerSpeaking, Total Impact  (8 hours)

This module focuses on clear, proven and powerful strategies to add impact to your speech delivery!

  • Learn to handle the difficult situations like a pro does: interruptions, people disturbing and not paying attention, conflictual people from the audience


  • Discover the one powerful technique that all filmmakers use in order to create maximum impact: the power of contrast! use this set of techniques to add incredible power to your speech; learn the six types of contrast to become an incredible speaker and subliminally influence in a matter of seconds!

  • Learn how to confidently express and amplify your natural qualities in order to show your authentic self and gain people sympathy; stop trying to be perfect, be yourself and people will love you!

  • Discover the techniques that keep you in the present moment; this is the area where there's no need to have a speech prepared, it's the area of your maximum inspiration 

      This session is 90% intensive practice

What participants say:

From my side, Mircea, I send you a BIG thank you! I came to your course whole-heartedly. Your course helped me to structure my approach. Your calm explanations helped me correct the „body language” to which I didn't give much importance. You, as a teacher, have disciplined me, have shown me what's important in a speech, and how to stay efficient. Today I have delivered a six hour workshop, and, as you can see below the message I have received, it was a BIG success! Thank you, Mircea! You had your own contribution to my workshop today!

Nicoleta Mihalache, lawyer, Bucharest

It was an exceptional course, not only by content but also because of the interaction with the colleagues and with the instructors. It was a very pleasant way to be educated, with lots of meaningful inter-human experiences!

Constantin Palade, film director, Bucharest

It was very easy to follow the structure and to assimilate the techniques, I have received wonderful constructive feedback! It was a nice work atmosphere, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone. I loved being with you and I have remained with plenty of energy!

Emilia Furduiu, entrepreneur, Bucharest

The experiential learning model:  

  Advance preparation

  • Self-evaluation

  • Learning objectives


(4 modules x 4 hours)

  • Awareness

  • Techniques assimilation

  • Testing

  • Simulations and feedback

  • Action plan for the real life


  • Implementation

  • Feedback sessions

  • Coaching

  • Collective intelligence

Who is your trainer?

Mircea Stanciu (instructor, founder and Managing Director of Vision Power): "If you're stressed about public speaking then I can tell you I know how it's like. Twenty years ago I realized I was afraid to speak in public.


I have invested twenty years in my finance and management career, of which ten years in top-management positions in multinationals and ten years as an entrepreneur. 


As Finance Manager Central & Eastern Europe I have coordinated the activity of nine Finance Managers in Nordics, Germany and Austria, Poland, Czech and Slovakia, Balkans, Romania, Moldova Bulgaria, Ukraine, Turkey, and Russia with all the CIS countries. I've held hundreds of speeches and presentations and I have attended public speaking pieces of training myself. And still, every time I had to speak I was incredibly stressed. Then one day, I felt, just for a micro-second that I love to speak in front of audiences. And two years later, applying techniques from other disciplines, I was able to get rid of the fear. My only wish was to train others to do that as well. So I have collected the best fifty speech techniques coupled with twenty strategies to combat stage-freight, thereby creating the one and only Power Speaking seminar! 


I've held international presentations, such as for Institute of Finance and Management of USA, and now I use a lot of Power Speaking when teaching or when presenting for various companies.


Power Speaking is a very intense course and it's designed to change lives, and my first successful student was myself. And so it will be for you! Looking forward to see you there!”

Mircea Stanciu

Managing Director



* This is something never performed for live courses: if you're not satisfied, you get a full refund. Attend the course, apply the techniques, and after 45 days of testing, if you're not happy, you'll get back your full investment, no questions asked! All you have to do is to write us a message at office@visionpower.ro and we will reimburse your investment!

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