Missed objectives, poor communication, demotivated teams, or recruitment mistakes?

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Leader ©

Build successful teams and inspire through vision and values.




Manager ©

Manage efficiently the relationships with the team-members



Recruiter ©

 The global training standard to acquire the most predictive interviewing techniques



Learner ©

Learn how to learn efficiently depending on one’s learning style.

Return on Investment



Overall participants satisfaction at the end of the workshops

Overall participants rating of on-the-job impact after three months

Source: ForMetris worldwide survey, 72 workshops in 14 countries, 2015



At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to effectively lead a team by vision and values and manage any change process. In particular, they will be able to:

• Be self-aware of their personal values, leadership style and potential derailers

• Build an enriched vision and share it with various target audiences using storytelling techniques

• Develop organizational design skills that help build capabilities aligned with the company’s strategies

• Identify the team’s pitfalls and learn how to manage disoriented or dysfunctional teams

• Explore how to infuse a performance culture that capitalizes on collective intelligence

 Audience: Senior managers

 Length: Two days

 Size: Six to nine participants

 Prework: Two hours




At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to effectively lead several different types of face-to-face managerial conversations. In particular, they will be able to:

• Understand the importance of their role in developing and maintaining high-performing teams

• Identify different management styles and understand how to adapt their style to the profile of each team member

• Use the essential principles of effective communication and give constructive feedback

• Set smart qualitative and quantitative objectives and follow through with them until they have met

• Manage courageous conversations with colleagues to improve poor performance

• Identify talents among team members and create the conditions to unleash their potential

  Audience: Junior to Senior managers

  Length: Three days

  Size: Six to twelve participants

  Prework: Sixty minutes




At the end of the seminar, participants will be able to effectively engage in the entire recruitment process. Specifically, they will be able to:

• Understand common errors in recruitment and their importance with respect to the legal framework

• Create a Targeted Candidate Profile using a unique proprietary methodology based on years of research

• Master five essential skills for conducting an effective recruitment interview at all levels

• Construct an interview guide using questioning techniques with high predictive validity: behavioral questions, situational questions, etc.

• Make collective and justified decisions that allow recruiters to give effective feedback to candidates

• Better understand new innovations in the world of recruitment and the behavior of the new generation of candidates

  Audience: Managers, HR professionals

  Length: Two days

  Size: Six to twelve participants

  Prework: Forty five minutes



At the end of the seminar, participants will have a better understanding of their preferred learning strategies and will apply it to two specific individual learning goals. Specifically, they will be able to:

• Understand why learning has changed and why it is critical

• Identify the ways in which people learn and understand their own preferred learning style

• Determine what needs to be learned and know how to set smart learning goals for themselves

• Identify sources of skill-building in their job environment and pursue opportunities for learning that are varied and practical

• Know four steps and five learning strategies that optimize the efficiency of the learning process

• Apply the methodology to one short and one mid-term learning goal aligned with their performance and career ambitions

  Audience: All types of positions

  Length: One day

  Size: Six to twelve participants

  Prework: Thirty minutes


Our learning model


• Self-assessment

• Inspiring readings

• Shared learning goals


• Raise one’s awareness

• Acquire targeted techniques

• Check understanding

• Apply in simulations and get feedback

• Make an action plan to apply on-the-job


• Activation plan

• Feedback sessions

• Collective intelligence

"I have spent more than twenty years assessing, developing and coaching leaders and executives all over the world. Everywhere, they need to develop their skills. Every time, they struggle to find efficient training solutions.


We have combined the best from the leadership science and the experience of hundreds of managers to design this unique series of workshops.


Now brought to Romania through our partner


Stéphane Moriou, Ph.D

CEO MoreHuman Holding

Director of Research and Innovation

      MoreHuman Partners 

     - Paris -

"I have followed myself all four modules of the Leadership program created by MoreHuman Partners, some years ago. My skills as a manager and recruiter improved significantly.

I am very happy that our partnership with MoreHuman Partners is live and we are able to bring these unique workshops to Romania and Eastern Europe!


I am convinced that your life will change radically after attending and applying the knowledge on-the-job."

Mircea Stanciu 

Managing Director GIM VISION POWER

Mircea Stanciu 

Managing Director GIM VISION POWER

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